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IoT may sound futuristic, but in reality it can be as complex or as simple as you need. Fundamentally IoT collects data at a source point, transports that data, and has a platform that produces actionable insights or even triggers automated actions.

Something as simple as a temperature sensor on a critical piece of equipment or as complex as deep real-time consumer insights are considered IoT.

Top Benefits of IoT:

IoT is powered by sensor enabled devices collecting real time data. Harnessing the data lets you make more informed decisions faster. Because IoT solutions monitor the environment and collect real time data, this allows businesses to improve efficiency in areas like smarter staffing, identifying failing infrastructure before an issue is caused, and also automatic issue correction or alerts through the IoT solution. Improved efficiency leads to cost savings. Not only can you run your business more confidently with real time-insights, IoT monitoring can also save you money by allowing you to make replacements and repairs based on need, not restrictive recommended schedule.

Common use cases for IoT:

  • Maintenance tracking and notification
  • IoT tags for equipment tracking
  • GeoFencing
  • SmartCities
  • Inventory Management

So can your business benefit from IoT? Let’s do an assessment.

  • Do you need more visibility into all aspects or your organization?
  • Do you need more granular performance detail from your systems, environments and people?
  • Would you like to have access to almost instantaneous results and reports?
  • Do you have difficulty maintaining compliance with any regulatory requirements?
  • Do you face fines or repercussions if you son’t meet compliance criteria?
  • Would you like the ability to more granularly track inventory in a warehouse, storage facility or on the road?
  • Could you improve efficiency and save time automating extremely repetitive data collection tasks?
  • Are there specific metrics and reporting you would like to see from your people, places and things?

Organizations across industries are embracing IoT. With it’s many benefits, IoT is not an emerging solution anymore.