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maximize your roi


Let us assist you with selling your tech equipment for maximum return.

Selling your tech equipment is fast and easy.

We may purchase your old tech equipment directly, on a contigent basis, or through consignment. Selling your excess inventory allows you to extend your capital for acquiring new equipment.
Whichever option you choose, we are committed to getting you the maximum ROI.

We Buy Excess Inventory Directly

We may buy your excess inventory directly. Let us assist you in evaluating your tech equipment. Gain immediate cash, and free up valuable space in your facility.

We Can Match you With Buyers

We may also work on a contigent basis. We receive a fee only if we match you with a qualified buyer for your excess or obsolete equipment.

We Can work on a consignment basis

We can assist you with selling your equipment on a consignment basis. We will locate the best venue to maximize your return.

Brands We Purchase


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