Eaton solutions are designed to organize, protect, manage and maintain your IT environments to ensure
continuity across their IT infrastructures.

IT is Evolving

• As IT continues to move away from the core data center,
• more and more connections are being forged
• Every link in this chain of communication must be protected
• Customer network, performance and security are all at risk

New Environment, New Defenses

• Server-gateway connections are multiplying daily, expanding
• the number of devices (and targets) connected to the network
• Remote access can cut both ways: solving problems from a
distance and exposing these transactions to the internet
• Cybersecurity efforts must extend outside the closet to all
connected points

Cybersecurity is a Top Priority

• Eaton collaborates with industry-leading UL labs to ensure
• new products meet customers’ current and future demands
• This “security-first” approach significantly influences our
product development
• Eaton’s Gigabit Network card is the first UPS network card to
be UL 2900-2-2 cybersecurity certified

Is a Cybersecure UPS really that

• By targeting an overlooked vulnerability in a major retailer’s
HVAC unit, hackers were able to access POS devices and steal
70 million client accounts
• Harder access controls, plus stricter monitoring could prevent
this in the future
• Easily prevented hacks can destroy a company’s reputation
and bottom line