At Techland Pro, we are business consultants focusing on helping companies reach their objectives through talent and technology that meet their specific needs, to provide solutions to various market challenges. Our talent solutions team offers full service, contract services to meet the needs of our clients and candidates. As an extension of your team, we implement strategy enhancing business processes to deliver effective solutions with the best possible outcome. We provide our clients with complete support and accessibility to our team of expert consultants. Our technical knowledge and diverse background allows us to be the best at what we do. We have the depth, and availability of expert resources that support our clients strategies and the driving force behind our success. Our consulting team is here to assist you with the best solutions that match your project with precision.

Jim Volk

Jim Volk

Managing Director

Our mission statement is clear, to provide talent and technology, to help you achieve your project goals with maximum success. We offer a personalized experience, build lasting relationships, and are here to assist you every step of the way. We look forward to serving you.

How we can help

We gather information, help organizations address potential gaps in the system, identify the best solutions, offer first class leadership, and provide ongoing support.

Our Approach

Gather Information

Our team gathers the necessary information about your companies process, and how you utilize talent and technology to perform your tasks. 

Potential Gaps

We will discuss any potential gaps in the system, and initiate an assessment to discuss best solutions.

Identify the best solutions

We identify the best solutions for your project needs, to maximize the best results.

First Class Leadership

We forge ahead by managing the process from start to finsh. We initiate, and provide a strategic plan. We oversee the technology operation during the process. 

Ongoing Professional Support

Our team of consultants will continue to monitor the process throughout the agreement. We will continue to offer support beyond the agreement on an as needed basis.